EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL)

Emta logoPresenting the Business Case 

Pareas Associates was commissioned to produce the business case for presentation to the EAL Board – and to identify and scope the work required to ensure a smooth transition for the awarding body’s qualifications to the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

This involved identifying the potential implications for the whole organisation and the steps required to implement the changes. The business plan was subsequently accepted by the EAL Board and the project was approved. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

As the main awarding body for the engineering sector, EAL was keen to introduce a pilot online testing service for the externally assessed elements of its Vocationally Related Qualifications.

Pareas Associates provided the ‘front-end’ customer information – and co-ordinated and monitored the online pilot. Over a 2- year period, we evaluated the progress and success of the pilot for EAL and its centres.

This involved interviews with EAL staff and customers and led to the production of a project report, which was used in-house by EAL and distributed to its stakeholders, including the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). The report also provided a number of learning points for the EAL Business Development team to take forward.

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