Project Portfolio 2018

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Project and Interim Management

Over the years, Pareas Associates have carried out a wide range of project management activities for our clients. These include running whole projects as an external consultant with full use of an organisation’s staffing and resources across departments, managing a team of external consultants, troubleshooting assignments and smaller projects where we have been asked to focus on a specific brief, working in collaboration with others.

In addition, Marina Pareas has been asked a number of times to step in and look after teams in an interim management capacity.

Research and Evaluation Projects

Research and Evaluation have always been at the core of our business – and we have been involved with this since Pareas Associates was launched back in 1990. We have managed projects for the education, business and commercial sectors, as well as for public bodies and Government agencies – providing them with data to support their activities and help them identify the directions they want to take. Many of our clients have commissioned us to carry out many different research projects over a number of years.

Development of National Standard and Qualifications

In the early days of the Standards Development Programme, Pareas Associates was commissioned by a number of key industry bodies to develop National Occupational Standards and Qualifications working directly with employers and with all levels of competence, from basic skills to management.

Human Resources Development 

Pareas Associates has worked extensively with employers, in both the private and public sectors, to help them implement and manage their HRD strategies. Our wide range of projects include one-to-one management coaching and helping to develop a 360o-assessment tool for senior managers in industry.

Managing Consultation and Facilitation

A key strand of our work at Pareas Associates is managing consultation processes and facilitating groups and workshops.

Psychometric Testing  

Over the years, Pareas Associates was commissioned to carry out psychometric testing for a number of businesses and organisations.