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State-of-the-art testing creates reliable and valid performance measurements that ultimately increase your ability to reach your goals. Psychometric testing is a systematic process used in addition to interviewing to determine specific skills and competencies essential to the job at hand. We provide you with an easily digestible assessment that helps you make the right decisions.

Tailored Solutions

Our tests are tailored to your individual requirements, for example:

  •     Group dynamics
  •     Internal conflicts
  •     Identifying leadership
  •     Discovering learning styles and preferences
  •     Managing change
  •     Team building
  •     Personal development, career assessment and planning.
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Key Benefits of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing provides a powerful way of ensuring the best candidates are selected by assessing their ability and preferred behavioural styles. Employees can be supported in their personal and career development so they make the best decisions as to their future career direction and plans - saving businesses from costly misplacement of staff and improving employee satisfaction and productivity. Just some of the key benefits of psychometric testing are detailed below.

  • Improves the efficiency of the recruitment process by identifying the most suitable candidates early on
  • Reduces the cost of time spent on unsuitable candidates
  • Results in better recruitment decisions being made
  • Provides additional objective information about a candidate
  • Proven to work better than interviews alone
  • Enables you to gauge an individual's future potential rather than just rely on their skills gained in the past
  • Testing is available for all levels of staff from directors and senior management to staff team members.

As well as providing psychometric testing we can also assist in precise job profiling before you interview. This will help you to identify the key skills and abilities required for a particular job or role.

Psychometric Testing has Applications in:

  •     Recruitment and selection processes
  •     Management development and training
  •     Outplacement counselling
  •     Careers development
  •     Informing academic and career decisions
  •     Vocational and career counselling
  •     Mid-career change evaluation.

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