National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ)

Project Management

Pareas Associates was commissioned by NCVQ to manage a number of different projects, including:

  • Finalising the ‘Common Accord’
    Consolidating the findings from working groups, consultations and other sources to produce a publishable document describing the main features of the ‘Common Accord’ for awarding bodies.
  • Examining Awarding Body Guidance on Assessor and Verifier Awards
    Reviewing awarding body guidance on the implementation of assessor and verifier units – and comparing that with the guidance issued by NCVQ.
  • Action Planning and the National Record of Achievement
    Co-ordinating the results from a major national consultation on action planning, producing a report and best practice case studies.
  • NCVQ Review of Reports
    Reviewing reports from awarding bodies and evaluating quality assurance mechanisms with the aim of summarising the main findings and producing a working paper.
  • Identifying New Titles for GNVQs
    Working with potential users to identify alternative names for GNVQs.
  • Review of Top 100 NVQs
    Pareas Associates was one of only 30 consultancies nationwide involved in the review of the 100 most used NVQs.
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