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People-1stQualifications and Apprenticeships
(Early and mid 2000s)

People 1st, which was the Sector Skills Council for hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism, commissioned Pareas Associates to carry out a number of projects.

For example, we were asked to produce a ‘Health and Safety Task List’ to set out acceptable tasks and standards in the workplace for those on apprenticeship programmes with the ultimate objective of getting more young people involved. Previously, employers in the sector had been reluctant to take part in apprenticeships because of fears about what young people would legally be allowed to do at work.   

We also completed a qualifications mapping and progression routes project in which all available qualifications in the sector were mapped against the functional areas which had already been determined by People 1st. The objective was to establish which areas of learning were not covered by the existing supply of qualifications. In addition, we completed progression schemes, showing individuals’ potential movement between qualifications as they progressed towards a career in hospitality. We also produced a report, the recommendations of which fed into subsequent submissions to the Sector Skills Development Agency.

People 1st also commissioned Pareas Associates to establish areas of additional specialist learning required for the 14-19 Diploma. Our work included consultation with key players in industry, and the results were included in the submission for approval of the new qualifications – which was subsequently granted by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

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